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  • Lirgi Tuccu
    Lirgi Tuccu

    Champions of Europe again

  • Erikfooty YouTube
    Erikfooty YouTube

    Where’s Finland? 🇫🇮

  • Unlimited Tips
    Unlimited Tips

    I must admit Ecuador’s kit is cool, it reminds me of Barcelona’s jersey ... PS: it doesn’t mean there’s any chance for them to win la copa 😅

  • Karim Ae
    Karim Ae


  • Taf

    Well said Hope

  • ahmed amir
    ahmed amir

    But he didn't bite anyone of them :(

  • Everything Chelsea FC
    Everything Chelsea FC

    June 2021. Watching for the 6th time.

  • Big Chungus Is My God
    Big Chungus Is My God

    PSG are sore losers. Like when they started fouling Man City's players in the 2nd leg

  • yogo_k

    1:15 wtf

  • Chris Gutierrez
    Chris Gutierrez

    Where is Finland

  • Roderick Sumaway
    Roderick Sumaway

    WARNING-base on d bibLe-all mOney in the world will be destroyed Very near in ArmAgedOn, JehOvAh GOd Said that in ezekieL 7:19, James 5:1, sO, WOrship JehOvAh GOd fAther Of Jesus b4 it's too late because d end is very neAr, Jeremiah 25:33, mAthew 4:10! reAd

  • Anand Roy
    Anand Roy

    he could've headed the ball 😒 just like in goal movie..

  • jake park
    jake park

    6:30 If you're not messi, don't follow

  • Abdinasir Ali
    Abdinasir Ali

    How times changes so quickly Arsenal use to be invincible club wining tittles challenging for the league season and season all over sudden now they have fallen apart where by they are not even top 6 . Hiring them to the so called worst coach on earth who his name to me is Arte-hitler shit sake and owner who selfish greedy all he cares is to smile at the bank money . Nothing good from him at all . Arsenal is cursed club since shit Kroenke came nothing was good at all . Imagine Chelsea have great owner who knows what it means to invest in his club they are the biggest club in london surely while I am Arsenal fan we are shit club .

  • Jeremy Myers
    Jeremy Myers

    Soteldo and Yangel out for these guys!

  • Abi G
    Abi G

    Has to be one of the best interviews, but after all his success he had with the dip with united and previously 2nd time at chelsea then u sign to be spurs manager and get them a cup any ticking cup anything another Audi cup?! and u got sacked a week before a final .. first time in history u defo have that half cup cuz u would have probably won it! Good luck in Roma, u will be the only reason I will check Italy results and not even Ronaldo tempts me. In Jose we love x

  • Damien Chapman
    Damien Chapman

    Can’t believe Henry didn’t remember Arsenal finished 2nd the year Leicester City Won the PL lol

  • Humble Servant
    Humble Servant

    Imagine Mourinio as Barca manager after Messi retires.

  • Rappa Art
    Rappa Art


  • alpha sakala
    alpha sakala

    He is simply the best

  • George Orwell
    George Orwell

    Stupid man screaming!!!

  • Salvador Alvarado
    Salvador Alvarado

    Felicidades por ser campeón a el equipo del atletico madrid en laliga de fútbol la liga santander

  • Si youcef Yousra
    Si youcef Yousra

    Germany 🇩🇪❤❤

  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa

    *Vamos Argentina* ⚪🇦🇷🔵

    • Emerson LISTA IPTV
      Emerson LISTA IPTV

      esta precisando de titulo de torneio nem era nascido quando venceu

  • To ReĐa
    To ReĐa

    مع الأرجنتين قلبآ وقالبآ 🇮🇶♥️🇦🇷 *Vamos Argentina* ⚪🔵

  • Eric Marino
    Eric Marino

    Barcelona plays so bad now . They need some serious help smh

  • Gorge Catalan
    Gorge Catalan

    Todavía siguen esperando que sea el mejor jugador del mundo?

  • superfrankie100

    Neymar no volverá hacer estrella de ningún equipo, es un mamarracho actualmente.

  • BBQ Gaming
    BBQ Gaming

    The turkey one is 🔥 can’t wait to see it today

  • Matthew Medina
    Matthew Medina


  • Ronald Lara
    Ronald Lara

    No…será Vinicius 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Cristiano Goatnaldo
    Cristiano Goatnaldo

    Si Messi va a desaparecer como siempre

  • Excessive Toker
    Excessive Toker

    Ecuador needs to be the surprise of the copa America !

    • Excessive Toker
      Excessive Toker

      @EAZY EDDY Ecuador needs to start playing diaz as a starter. He can start the attack plays. Without him Ecuador only knows how to attack through the wingers and once they get stopped Ecuador is out of ideas.


      We should be but we are ass

  • Mr. A
    Mr. A

    Are the other teams even in Brazil yet

  • Jicko Von rozentuin
    Jicko Von rozentuin

    UEFA = FIFA = CENTRAL BANK 🏦. They wanna control everything

  • Jicko Von rozentuin
    Jicko Von rozentuin

    Advocate full of shit. Footballclubs pays the wages so they can decide. Not a private company like uefa and fifa makes millions of the players and the dont pay wages .